Respect To Alexander McQueens Final Collection

So this week Paris fashion paid its respect to Alexander Mcqueens final collection. The medieval inspired collection included ambiguous religious references which, along with the sombre classical music created an intensely dark atmosphere which seemed appropriate after Mcqueens recent passing.

The pieces were distinctly Mcqueen with the definite shape, intricate detail and above all the creativity which first launched him to fame in the 1990’s. The collection seemed to focus on structured shoulders and voluminous skirts. The golden encrusted angels and crushed skulls added as much rumour as it did drama to the presentation at a time when the whole industry is attempting to come to terms with its loss.

So what is next for Alexander Mcqueen as a brand? We have been told that the Gucci group who own a majority share of the company have not began to look for a successor for Mcqueen despite insisting that they will continue to trade. Robert Polet (CEO) commented yesterday about the collection; “It was a very moving experience to take a deep and serious look at his last collection. It showed Lee’s unique talent to create pieces of beauty that touch many of your senses, leaving one enriched. Although the sense of loss afterwards, I found overwhelming.”

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  1. indescribably beautiful.

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