As you know we’ve recently been recruiting new team members at House of Maffia. After sifting through some outstanding CV’s  & emails we’ve finally chosen our new interns and they’re already hard at work.

Joining Lisa Maffia, Kofi Owusu and Selina Dyer for the summer and beyond are:

Fashion Writers

Lily Niu

Esther Akinwale

Michaela Anderson

Natalie Wilson

Chrissie Smith

Admin Team

Natalie Carton

Jennifer Ogwal

Rose Burgess

Ashleigh McLean

PR Team

Hitali Shah

Ewa Seweryn

Souad Saied

Christabel Phillips

Natalie Wilson

You’ll be seeing a lot more from HOM in your inbox from now on as we begin to take the fashion world by storm!!!

Until the next post, if you’re on Facebook add our Fan Page and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date!!


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