Basso and Brooke: Spring/Summer 2011

One of the most eagerly awaited shows of the season, designer duo Basso and Brooke have once again captured the minds and hearts of their adoring fashionista fans with yet another beautifully dynamic S/S line.

The focal point of this collection, it appears, is an artful blend of contrasting yet exhilaratingly well-put together prints; pastel florals (springtime soon, how lovely!) next to bold black and white block colours make for an intriguing look into an anticipatory summer filled with garden parties and romantic candlelit dinners (the scene: an alfresco dine-out with scented lavender and sweet natured fireflies).

The most interesting (and soon-to-be well sought after) item of the season is undoubtedly Basso and Brooke’s contribution to warm weather outerwear; practical, lightweight and of course, aesthetically pleasing to the ardent eye of the ever-scrutinising stylista, these print blazer jackets are a strong finishing touch to a discreet summer ensemble.

In addition to its sharp yet feminine prints, A-line hems provide an extra delightful girlish touch to an otherwise formal and grown-up collective. For an outfit with a sexier edge, the Basso and Brooke team bring us a low cut silken jumpsuit.

High waisted saloon trousers with a slightly masculine edge worn with heels are also decadent occasion worthy choice (fashionable work wear perhaps? Watch out for jealous colleagues!).

By Lily Niu

Images courtesy of

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