Britain’s Next Top Model Live

Highlights from our amazing trip to the Excel Centre to see Britain’s Next Top Model Live…

Lisa with celebrity beauty stylist Chantal Porter

Lisa getting Airbrush make-up done by Zoe

Say cheese!

Shumaiya and Chantal

Above: An excited Shumaiya about to get her make-up done by Chantal. With Airbrush make-up artistry being a fantastic high definition application technique, it’s a wonder why we don’t opt for treats like this more often! Not only does it provide seamless lightweight coverage across the face (who wants skin that can’t breathe anyway? Wave goodbye to giant pores and never look back!), it’s a completely non-invasive method giving not only Shumaiya a lovely pearlescent glow, but also an enjoyably cool air-light sensation!

…Meanwhile, the lovely Danielle lets us watch as she gets Trendy Nail Wraps!



By Lily Niu


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