Anesis Spa

On Thursday, Jan 13, the House of Maffia team was happy to join everyone at the opening of Anesis, London’s largest fish spa. The small but grandly luxurious hub resides just around the corner of Clapham Common tube station.

We were welcomed into the glossy, sparkling and water-trickling world of Anesis Spa, which offers various fish manicures and pedicures, as well as other treats for the hands and feet.

The entrance opens into a reception desk, overlooking twelve  fish tanks perfectly positioned beneath comfortable seats with mock-croc detailing. Champaigne was handed out freely, while the house photographer couldn’t get enough of Lisa Maffia, (who was not too keen to put her feet in the fish tank, so the helpful lady had to do it for her).

We all had a chance to explore this total revival as the tiny technicians (Gara Rufa fish) gently removed dead skin, and left our feet feeling soft and rejuvenated. The tickling is to a minimum, which was a surprise for all of us. We admit that it is quite terrifying at first, but then it begins to feel like miniature vibrations around your feet. Not so bad, unless you look down and see the fish…

Anesis is an opulent spa, where you can pamper your hands and feet by the best experts. House of Maffia definitely adds it to its favourite places for spoil time!

Lisa avoiding putting her feet in the fish tank...but they got to her!

Lisa screams as the lady forces her feet into the fish tank

Lina and Pristyle. House of Maffia Team

Anesis Spa opening on Thursday, Jan 13 2011


By Dima Markova


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