House of Maffia presents…VERGI

House of Maffia find out a little more about VERGI one of the newest upcoming designers to join the fashion house.

Who is VERGI?

VERGI is design duo Alesia Rolik & Jekaterina Vasilega.













How and where did you meet, and why did you decide to work together?

We met each other at an art school in a countryside town Visaginas, Lithuania. After we moved to Vilnius we tried to create our common collection. We liked working together, we’ve got a common style and an idea to create our own cloth brand “VERGI”, which in translation from the Latin language means “to bow” to the fashion.

What inspired you to get into fashion design?

We really like fashion industry. It is so wide, that it is impossible for the job interest to disappear.

Where did you study and what did you specialise in at Art School (for example, textile design)?

We graduated from Art school and sewing basics` courses. We entered a college of Vilnius (costume design specialization) but decided to quit. We understood that starting working we’ll get much more experience and better results.

Did you train or get work experience with another design house before starting out on your own?

Yes, we had work experience in another fashion houses.

What is your favourite fashion era?

No preferences, from each epoch we take something ingenious.

What inspires your designs? How long does it take for you to put a collection together from your first ideas, to catwalk?

Inspiration is inside us. We induce each other for the new ideas.

How do you go about designing pieces from the very beginning; what thoughts run through your mind? The woman you are designing for? The statement she wants to make? Functionality? Affordability? Comfort? Femininity? Sensuality?

The very first aim creating the clothes – functionality and an idea. After that we are thinking about sexuality and a comfort.

Does your original vision change along the way as you experiment with fabrics, volumes and shapes?

Using simple fabrics we are trying to play with forms and volumes. We are looking for such fabrics, which are not used in sewing, and applying them to be worn.

Do you have any favourite fabrics and colours that you like to work with?

Our  current collection has “future” style elements. Each color’s nature is unique. The most important for us is a combining, we try to use brave color combinations.


Which celebrity (past or present) would you most like to dress; why?

We wanted to recreate Monica`s Belluci image. She is feminine and has a sparkling sexuality. Ideal for our style.


Which fashion houses/designers do you most admire; why?

We are also inspired by Alexander McQueen. His collections and the way they are presented at Cat-walk shows. He’s got more than just a presentation of collections.


Which model would you most like to see wearing your designs on the runway; why?

Tanya Dziahileva, because of she’s unusual, cind of futuristic face and hypnotizing look.

You say on your website that you would like to get into costpod nume design. Do you have any specific TV programmes or theatrical shows in mind?

Most of the time we get orders for advertisements and ads. But also creating fresh, quick “between collection’s” clothes for the model photo shoots.


Which is more important, technology or craft?

Technologies are more important.


Coco Chanel designed clothes for herself, do you?

Of course, we also create clothes for ourselves. One style, one kind of fabric but different cut. We make such costumes that we look together like one piece. You can easily recognize us by our clothes. We adore our brand.


Do you prefer designing one type of clothing (wedding dresses, theatrical costumes) more than another?

Our priority is to create clothes for commercials and creative collections. Our expectations for the future are to create clothes for video clips and movies.


What about fashion as a business?

Fashion is business. We are not businessmen, we are designers. For this reason, we would like to meet the person, who could turn our ideas into money.


Please briefly describe a typical working day.

We don’t have a strict schedule, although the biggest part of our time is spent on design.


Do you think it is possible to bring exclusive couture and high street fashion closer together? Would you want to?

Yeah, what we want is that a woman will always be a woman. She is supposed to wear beautiful, effective and sexy clothes. What some of the youth were nowadays – is just awful.


How do you see fashion today? And tomorrow?

Fashion for us is a fight for a successful future.


Please tell us more about the women behind the Vergi brand – Alesia & Jekaterina and your own individual preferences when it comes to the clothes that you wear.

We prefer to wear our brand clothes, and always high-heeled shoes.

How would you define your style?

From the beginning we were interested in a classic style, but the more we work the more we try to make an absolutely new style, bringing future elements.


Do you think fashion companies give young designers enough of a chance?

During one and a half of a year we didn’t have a chance to cooperate with any fashion companies. To our mind, fashion companies must help perspective young designers.


We know you are looking for sponsors and partners, please tell us a little about what you have in mind.

We are in search for investor, which could develop the “VERGI” brand, and to bring it to the world market.


In a parallel life, what other careers might you have chosen?

At the moment we are scarifying all our attention to fashion to achieve the best result. We didn’t think about any other profession yet.


Which runway: Paris, Milan, New York or London?

New York->Milan->Paris->London

What’s next for you?

Our next project is a couture wedding dress with some future elements.
Plans for the future: our aim is create costumes for the cinema, theater, advertising, images for celebrities and making all that to express our understanding of fashion


By Selina Dyer


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