After a long, cold, tiring and crazy day in East London, the House of Maffia team is proud to announce that the final scenes of the viral ad have been shot!

The early hours of Sunday morning marked the beginning of one of the longest days in the history of House of Maffia. Models from all over London were slowly arriving at the film location, generously provided by Village Underground, to find out that their hair & make-up studio consists of an old Jubilee line train carriage strategically placed on the roof of a building in Shoreditch.

It didn’t get any better as the actual film set was down a steep, metal, 40-step-long spiral stair case, which leads to a gigantic brick space, that could easily fit hundreds of people. Sunday was a cold day and the fabulous House of Maffia models felt the bitter sweet chills, as they had to change into their outfits in the freezing film set chamber.

Some of the HOM designers joined to help with fittings, and friends came along to keep up the party spirit. The viral ad film crew, ‘Flipbox Creative’, were great as always, and the House of Maffia team managed to miraculously wrap up the long day on time!

Sunday’s quirkiness and excitement made it a fun and memorable day. Now all we can do is wait….


By: Dima Markova


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