Samantha Cole: A New Dawn

Samantha Cole: A New Dawn

When one thinks of Samantha Cole, immediately springing to mind are thoughts synonymous with all things dark, flamboyant, and tantalisingly intriguing. Definitely a designer whose inspirations lie somewhere other than the pink and pretty, Cole’s creations are a fantastical tribute to alternative fashion with a distinct feminine edge. Fashion for the guilt-free go-getter, a Samantha Cole design is the focal piece of any self-deserving outfit.

Before starting her own line, Cole worked as a designer for Burberry. Having secured her reputation as Best Womenswear Designer for her S/S 2009 collection at New York Fashion Week, Cole has since been labelled as “one to watch” following her UK debut.

Iconic in its own right, Cole’s most recent A/W collection – Identity III: A New Dawn – is certainly a new yet befitting change from her previous work. Moving away from high collared Goth (A Journey of Self Discovery) and fiercely bold slim-waist dresses (Warrior), Cole’s designs have evolved to “[embrace] almost a cleansing effect”.

Drawing inspiration from architectural styling of the past and present, A New Dawn is symbolic of the emergence from old to new. Quirky and unique, each garment has a definitive structure; Cole’s use of a Smocking Technique creates the interestingly textured shapes as seen within the fabric of her designs.

Considering her style to exemplify British fashion, Cole’s most admirable quality as a designer is her dedication to creating pieces that express her own thoughts and agenda.

By Lily Niu


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