Karen Tino – Radical Designer Award

On Saturday 26 March Fashion Designers’ & Craft Makers’ Network held their innovative 2011 Young Designer Show at The Novotel London Hotel St. Pancras. This exciting event was established by knitwear designer Joanna Marcella with the aim to help raise profile of exceptionally gifted young avant-garde designers. Families, friends, fashion lovers and the press alike gathered together at The Novotel Hotel St Pancras for what was an impressive and exciting evening.

The show hosted the Young Designer Award and the Radical Designer Award and included Jacqueline Hancher, Caroline Gladstone and Sue Mee Maudsley as part of the panel of special guest judges.

The organizers of the Young Designer Show and Awards are delighted to announce that first place went to Ezoe Robinson who produced a delicate chiffon design inspired by the musical The Lion King. Second place went to Hannah Bloxham who created a striking final piece which was made with high technical skill and looked fantastic on the catwalk and third place was awarded to Thamina Lipa Chowdhury all young designers gave excellent presentations to the panel of judges and demonstrated great commitment to the project.

First place Radical Designer Award for designers over 21 years went to our very own Karen Jonga of KAREN TINO she created a remarkable collection that captured the judge’s’ attention.

Joanna Marcella says: ‘We’ve found a great bunch of new, fresh and exciting young designers and we seek to encourage them as much as we can through our Designer Development Initiative. The Designer Development Initiative is an attempt to support aspiring multi-cultural fashion designers and aims to make a significant difference to their economic well-being by offering support, mentoring and motivational sessions, and by producing events that provide the opportunity for participants to network and promote themselves.’

Karen will start preparing her presentation to put before the panel of directors at Seattle Fashion Week.

You can purchase your own tailor-made designs by Karen from www.wearyour-own.com


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