Said Mahrouf & Morocco’s premier supermodel: Rania Benchegra

I caught up briefly by email with a friend of mine named Andrew, And what a treat he had for me on his return from casablanca! Take a look at the wonderful Casablanca FW 2012 he documented the stunning Rania Benchegra! I must say Andy I’m very jealous I wasn’t there 😔

Fashion Week of Casablanca From the 8th till the 11th of November 2012
Since its creation in 2006, Casablanca Fashion Week has allowed the public to discover, each year, Moroccan fashion designers probably only seen before when the Sex And The City girls tripped out in Marrakesh. For its 7th edition, while continuing to be a platform for Moroccan contemporary fashion, CFW opened it’s event to other Mediterranean designers. This year, Turkish, Italian and Spanish designers presented their collections in Casablanca. The undoubted highlight of the weekend was Friday evening’s show by local – and returning – hero Said Mahrouf:”I’ve just sold my place in Amsterdam where I was based for many years so I can come back here to Casablanca because it feels like we are on the cusp of a major international push. Maybe it’s because we are so soon after the Arab Spring, but everyone in the fashion world is looking to North Africa for inspiration. And the models are amazing here too. Rania looked incredible in the blue dress I created. She’s undoubtedly going to be a huge star.””I’m fascinated by the interaction between human movements and space, and originally focused on haute couture collection under my own label. My collections are an homage to feminine elegance.””I’m so proud that my work has been on show in New York (New Museum of Contemporary Art and Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum), Amsterdam (Museum of Modern Art), Utrecht (Centraal Museum), Sydney (Carriage Works Gallery), and here at home in Casablanca (Villa des Arts).”




byline ‘Andrew Threlfall of The -Independent on Sunday’



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