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Who Run The World (Girls) – Fashion Review

Most people know how I feel about Beyoncé…It’s a love/hate relationship! BUT I MUST say that I LOVED the styling of the video and I do like the track…

So here’s the run down on what she wore. 

1. A red Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2010 dress with embroidered gold detail and thigh-high, gold-heeled Alexander McQueen Grinling Gibbons, same collection.

2. She shakes up her booty in a black Norma Kamali fringed garment with a Giuseppe Zanotti golden harness and black bustier, continuing the fringe down to some Alexander Wang heels.

3. A quick glimpse of the white Givenchy Spring/Summer 2011 Couture gown. 

4. All slow motion in the dark Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2011 Couture outfit with a tailcoat and heavy cut-outs.

5. With the car in flames behind her, she gets into an mini Gareth Pugh Fall/Winter 2011 turtleneck dress and gold-mirrored Gareth Pugh ankle boots.

6. Then during the dance break, she breaks out the gold-embroidered Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2010 yellow dress paired with studded and feathered Sergio Rossi Gladiator boots.

7. Then finally, Emilio Pucci number two; a long-sleeved goddess gown in green with a thigh-high split and sequined sleeve from Fall/Winter 2011.

By Chrissie Fizz


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Top 5 Spring’11 Playsuits

Playsuits / Rompers are a hit this Spring 2011! I’ve been on the search and managed to track down some of the hottest playsuits in town! The great thing about a playsuit is the comfortability it offers; they are also very versatile, dress them up or dress them down, totally up to you.

The Playsuit has only one downside… which is the restrictions you find when visiting the ladies room… besides that they are a winner! I will be stocking up on a few this Spring 2011.

Below are my TOP 5.

Striped Playsuit £55.00 available at

Floral Print Playsuit £35.00 available at

Jade Green Playsuit £18.00 available at

Abandon Drapey Playsuit £35.00 available at

Flaming Flamingos Playsuit £54.00 available at

Are you into Playsuits and Rompers? Which one’s will be making an entrance into your wardrobe this Spring?

Smooches, love and fabric dolls xxx

By J’ara Ami

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Get The Look For Less

Get The Look For Less

(Image from

Spring is here! No? Not convinced by the sunshine we’ve had over the past couple of days? Come guys have some faith… think sun GET sun!

This Spring is all about bold bright colours; with lace also popping up in many SS11 runway shows.

This red lace dress seen on the runway as part of Erdem’s SS11 collection is absolutely stunning! Luckily for us we can get this look for a fraction of the price! The Vera Moda Cardinal Dress is available at USC for only £35

Head on over to and grab yourself a bargain! Wear this dress to a special dinner date, or add a pair of skinny jeans and kitten heels and you have a cute little outfit for the bar.

Smooches, love and fabric dolls xxx

By J’ara Ami


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SS11 Trend: Orange

This season, indulge your fun side with a splash of bright block orange. Never having previously been a fan of the colour (carrots, marigolds, and orange jumpsuits – can I really be blamed?), but with some of our favourite designers using it in their collections, it was only a matter of time before I began to view orange in whole new light.

For inspiration on how to wear orange accordingly, check out the following designer looks for this season:




(Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to colour clash).

By Lily Niu



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Everybody is a jewel – Jewel Clothing

Everybody is a jewel Established in 2007, Jewel Clothing represents a new fresh and innovative brand within the UK fashions industry. Well known for unusual shapes, colours and patterns both designers have proved that they are not ‘afraid to experiment with combinations of style.’

Desperately wanting to pursue their fashion dreams, both Lyande Kaikai and Julia Omoarukhe took that exciting risk in the fast paced industry by successfully providing this collection. With their incongruous colours and stylish cuts, the tailored garments leave the broad room in vivid splendour.

In this collection they have both managed to uniquely create ‘beautifully handmade, one-off garments’ leaving clients confident and sexy. After seasons of dramatic colours, this new approach of using outrageous colours is the boldest statement yet. As they present their latest creation, jewel clothing has also productively made a rapid recognition within the fashion globe. Exhibiting their garments at the world’s largest fashion show event at Excel was not only an achievement but they had recent show-stopping debut for one of their signature dresses at Buckingham Palace, for an audience with the Queen.

Both coming from diverse backgrounds both talented girls have demonstrated a kind heart by donating 4 exclusive dresses to Mary Portas’s Charity shop at Westfield’s. Within this short space of time Jewel clothing has portrayed an incredible growth and cunningly used their creative minds to polish pieces. Lyande and Julia’s ‘passion for fashion has transformed itself into a brand that is one to watch.’

By Esther Akinwale

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One Dress – Three Ways

Hey guys,

I’ve been answering a few questions on my facebook status and in my inbox this week,
so here is an example I have quickly thrown together, of how you can turn ONE dress,
into THREE outfits…YES, you heard me right!

Check it out!

And if you have anymore questions, few free to ask away and I’ll do my best to answer.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

By Chrissie Fizz

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Samantha Cole: A New Dawn

Samantha Cole: A New Dawn

When one thinks of Samantha Cole, immediately springing to mind are thoughts synonymous with all things dark, flamboyant, and tantalisingly intriguing. Definitely a designer whose inspirations lie somewhere other than the pink and pretty, Cole’s creations are a fantastical tribute to alternative fashion with a distinct feminine edge. Fashion for the guilt-free go-getter, a Samantha Cole design is the focal piece of any self-deserving outfit.

Before starting her own line, Cole worked as a designer for Burberry. Having secured her reputation as Best Womenswear Designer for her S/S 2009 collection at New York Fashion Week, Cole has since been labelled as “one to watch” following her UK debut.

Iconic in its own right, Cole’s most recent A/W collection – Identity III: A New Dawn – is certainly a new yet befitting change from her previous work. Moving away from high collared Goth (A Journey of Self Discovery) and fiercely bold slim-waist dresses (Warrior), Cole’s designs have evolved to “[embrace] almost a cleansing effect”.

Drawing inspiration from architectural styling of the past and present, A New Dawn is symbolic of the emergence from old to new. Quirky and unique, each garment has a definitive structure; Cole’s use of a Smocking Technique creates the interestingly textured shapes as seen within the fabric of her designs.

Considering her style to exemplify British fashion, Cole’s most admirable quality as a designer is her dedication to creating pieces that express her own thoughts and agenda.

By Lily Niu

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After a long, cold, tiring and crazy day in East London, the House of Maffia team is proud to announce that the final scenes of the viral ad have been shot!

The early hours of Sunday morning marked the beginning of one of the longest days in the history of House of Maffia. Models from all over London were slowly arriving at the film location, generously provided by Village Underground, to find out that their hair & make-up studio consists of an old Jubilee line train carriage strategically placed on the roof of a building in Shoreditch.

It didn’t get any better as the actual film set was down a steep, metal, 40-step-long spiral stair case, which leads to a gigantic brick space, that could easily fit hundreds of people. Sunday was a cold day and the fabulous House of Maffia models felt the bitter sweet chills, as they had to change into their outfits in the freezing film set chamber.

Some of the HOM designers joined to help with fittings, and friends came along to keep up the party spirit. The viral ad film crew, ‘Flipbox Creative’, were great as always, and the House of Maffia team managed to miraculously wrap up the long day on time!

Sunday’s quirkiness and excitement made it a fun and memorable day. Now all we can do is wait….


By: Dima Markova

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Hair Extensions – fact and fiction

Hair specialist Matthew Blake has kindly outlined some important

and interesting facts about hair extensions from a professional

point of view. Take a look!!!


No matter were you look from the magazines to the streets everyone is wearing hair extensions right?

Matthew Blake, a hair stylist, gives you an introduction to the wonderful life of the hair extensions (also can be known as weaves).

There are many different methods that this is achieved from getting them sewn into your hair (long term) to clip in pieces (short term) that come in every single colour under the sun!

So are you thinking about getting them put into your hair? Make sure to see my truth and fiction on hair extensions which I will answer honestly with the knowledge & experience I have.

True or False
Can it increase chances of hair loss?

It’s true and false as it’s not the hair extensions itself that causes this problem it’s the method that has been carried out by the stylist. Suffering from hair loss can usually be found when a client has the sew in method done and done regularly as the hair is in a lot of tension for a long amount of time. However, it is slightly getting less heard of as there has been a lot of talk about this happening so people are more aware of it. If you have fine or damaged hair I don’t recommend getting them sewn in try other methods such as glued as these last 2-4 weeks depending on how you take care of them.

True or false
Can anyone have them?

100% true! No matter if you have thick or thin, short or long hair anyone can have them and can be done for many reasons as they come in all lengths ranging from 8 inch to 28 inches (but can be longer in some occasions, so if you want your hair longer or thicker you are catered for).

How long do they last?

There is no time limit as many things can effect how long they last for example how you look after them when using heated styling equipment and also hair products, but here is a list of the “guided” times they last. Sewn in – 2-3 months, Glued – 2-4 weeks, pre bonded – 4-6 months, clip ins – usually a night as these can be taken out and put in as you wish.

Style to look out for in 2011

The hair everyone should be looking out for in 2011 is Nicki Minaj’s new bob style! This is a usual style that you might have already seen out and about but Nicki has put a new touch to it, which has shaken the industry up on how you’re meant to wear it! You may not be brave enough to be as bright in colour (or work wont allow it booo!), but don’t pretend you can make it bold yourself in your own way. The effect can be more subtle if it’s with deep colours such as dark brunette shades, or a slice or two of a contrasting colour such as blonde. This will make you able to add your own personal touch!  This style works great for square and  heart shape faced women out there as this will balance out your face. The hairstyle also to makes you appear more rounded at your jaw line so it’s a plus for both face shapes!

If you’re not 100% sure what your face shape is and which styles will suit it best, then ask your stylist as they will give you all the information you need to keep you looking as fabulous all year round.


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Harlequinn LRA

New clothing label on the fashion scene is Harlequinn LRA. The designers are Lakisha White, Ria Rose and Arayner Ashia. All three women excel in confidence, independence and creativity; this has been transferred to their exclusive clothing line. Studying a BA at the renowned LCF these young designer have brought together an avant-garde of designs to House of Maffia.


Harlequinn LRA collections can be described as very edgy, definitely colourful and completed with a bold character. Each designer brings their distinct ideas and together they form their womenswear collection. The variety in their stock reflects seasonal trends, from sweatshirts to dresses. The fashion industry is always taken aback at the quality and determination that young designers put into their collections, with this label being no different. With three creative minds behind this exclusive label, Harlequinn LRA is designed to make a statement, seize attention and push boundaries.

Like many upcoming fashion designers, these women are becoming knees deep in success with Interviews from Nang, Live and Flavour magazines. Hitting the runways by showcasing their collection at two high profile university fashion events Miss generation 2009 and ACS Kings and Queens 2010. Look out for them at Rip the Runway UK later in the year. House of Maffia is excited to showcase Harlequinn LRA collections.

By Michaela Anderson

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