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Are you a pro active, vibrant and enthusiastic individual who loves a challenge?

Do want the chance to gain valuable promotion and marketing experience with an innovative new fashion brand?

If you believe you fit the above criteria, then the ‘House of Maffia’ Promotion Team could be for you!

Very exciting times are upon us right now at the ‘House of Maffia’ and we would like to invite you to jump on board.

We are looking for a great team of creative people to form a fabulous promotion team that will support the ‘House of Maffia’ within our promotions and marketing department in order to raise brand awareness.

‘House of Maffia’ Promotion Team members will play an integral position in the marketing and supporting of our concept and it will be your responsibility to increase the visibility and presence of the ‘House of Maffia’ brand within the public domain.

Joining the ‘House of Maffia’ Promotion Team will be an amazing way to learn about the fashion industry and will too give you the opportunity to gain valuable and exciting promotion experience. You will also get the opportunity to meet amazing public figures, receive exclusive goodies and treats, see your ideas come to life and work alongside a great team of other inspiring individuals.

To apply, please email us by the 9th of APRIL with the following details-





College/ University-

Relevant Experience-


Emails should be sent to-  kofi@houseofmaffia.com

Interviews will be Tuesday 13th APRIL 2010

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H.O.M x Inside the Classroom of African-chic

Written By: Ngozi Kemijika

As I flicked through my customary stack of monthly fashion magazine’s it dawned on me that something great had happened…But first I was forced to recollect on an event that took place over six years ago in my Geography class. No the memory was not to reinforce the fact that the digits of my age where becoming increasingly closer to a mid-life crisis- the memory was to highlight Africa’s mark on the world- in the most fashionable way possible, of course!

I remember my Geography teacher asking us to get into groups and discuss the first 5 things that came to mind when thinking about Africa. It was to no surprise that the conjured phrases that ended up finding their way on to the board were ‘flies around heads,’ ‘malnutrition’ and ‘AIDS.’ Possibly the only positive thing that was written on there was ‘sunshine.’ Not one person said fashion. Not one!

Well to all of my classmates (apart from the one who said sunshine) I guess you all need a copy of Vogue or two because African print is here and is here to stay! Hailed by Vogue, as being the Spring/Summer trend of 2010 that “dances to the beat of a tribal drum” it seems that with African-chic you just cannot go wrong!
From a vivid kaleidoscope of floaty dresses, to a bright evening wear outfit, you name it; and I can verify that African print is giving me everything I need right now!. Givenchy, Rodarte and Gucci are just a few of names that spring to mind when thinking of this look.

With lines launching, such as ‘ASOS Africa’ and celebs like Beyonce and Alicia Keys adorned in head to toe African inspired prints in their new video ‘Put it in a Love Song’, African print seems destined to take this season by storm.

Lucky enough for me, my sister is travelling to Nigeria and I have already asked her to make sure she acquires a tailors address and gets straight to making me several maxi dresses, playsuits and skirts!! But if you aren’t as fortunate to simply hop on a plane to Africa, the high street is also doing some great things. You have no excuse now!

In conclusion, quite frankly if you haven’t got your African-chic outfit ready to launch pretty soon, you may just need to go on my Geography teacher’s board…along with the other outdated phrases.

Source: Fashion-allure.com, look.co.uk

H.O.M: If you have what it takes to write an article for the House of maffia Blog contact us via email

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