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Street Life – Go Get Your’s

With 2010 being donned as the year to ‘go and get yours’, it only makes sense that we apply this hard hitting mentality to our wardrobes. The fierce ladies below have done so employing the firm fashionable features of Studs, Furs and Leathers.


The studded bag compliments the combination of a neutral coloured loose knit jumper against a back drop of black separates presenting an image of sexy, feminine rock ‘n’ rolla!


Whether channelling the silver screen sirens of the 40s or the hip hop honeys of the 90s era, fur can add instant glamour and prestige to an outfit.  And if the amazing fur trapper hat wasn’t fierce enough, this outfit is topped off with a sick statement crucifix necklace – Amen to that!


For those who dare, you cannot go any harder than adding a little leather into the fashion equation. This texture hybrid of leather and lace brings a vivid image of striking, yet effortless and individual style.

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