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Lisa Maffia the founder of House Of Maffia is officially opening HOM again in 2013.
Lisa said;
“The site will now be a online styling advisor and amazing place to find one off couture pieces for men and women, it will be bang on trend and prices for all to enjoy. I’m already on the hunt for upcoming designers ready to make a statement”

Check Lisa Maffia in the image Below wearing HOM ❤

Crop vest : HOM
Belt : H&M
Skirt : HOM
Accessories : Lisa’s own


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Shame about the weather but like me I have been so determine to wear all the sexiest summer looks regardless of the weather! I know crazy right, but how could I miss out on wearing outfits like these? ❤



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Simple but Sexy





Loving these looks I found on Instagram

By Lisa Maffia

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Aviator Jacket for Autumn/Winter 2010 Season

A new ‘must-have’ item, right in time for the Autumn/Winter season,  ready to be added to my Birthday/Christmas wish list and your shopping list is…….. (drum roll) The Aviator Jacket!

Also known as ‘The Flying Jacket’, this style of jacket hit the streets immediately after Burberry’s London Fashion Week show back in February. On Net-a-porter.com, the leather Burberry aviator jacket sold out in several sizes in quick succession!

I have seen people wear this jacket with pretty much anything, but the key words, when it comes to the Aviator are ‘simple’ and ‘minimal’. With all of the fur and zips and whatnot, there is no need to spill the contents of your accessories draw over yourself before leaving the house (as tempting as it may be).

Having tried on a few jackets I have come to the following conclusion: If you have big erm…‘assets’, leave the jacket unbuttoned. Being top heavy, squashing your ‘stuff’ together and zipping up the jacket, may seem like best idea in the world, but it is not. Trust me!! That being said, be sure to dress for your body shape, whatever that may be. There are different cuts and lengths of this jacket to suit everybody.

Wear natural look make-up, teaming the jacket with colours such as: Black, coffee, navy and camel. I love bright colours, but I wouldn’t push my luck with this type of jacket. I tried it and it didn’t give off the desired effect and just looked gaudy!

I plan on rocking a Black Aviator jacket, cream lace vest top, tucked into Camel Coloured, slouchy (but tailored) trousers and Office’s ‘Between Your Teeth’ heels (which have zip detailing), with my signature bright blue, Barry M nails. What do you think?

The Aviator Jacket

Do you like ‘The Aviator Jacket’? If not, why?  If you love it as much as I do, how will you rock yours? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

By Chrissie “Chrissiefizz” Smith


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