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Harlequinn LRA

New clothing label on the fashion scene is Harlequinn LRA. The designers are Lakisha White, Ria Rose and Arayner Ashia. All three women excel in confidence, independence and creativity; this has been transferred to their exclusive clothing line. Studying a BA at the renowned LCF these young designer have brought together an avant-garde of designs to House of Maffia.


Harlequinn LRA collections can be described as very edgy, definitely colourful and completed with a bold character. Each designer brings their distinct ideas and together they form their womenswear collection. The variety in their stock reflects seasonal trends, from sweatshirts to dresses. The fashion industry is always taken aback at the quality and determination that young designers put into their collections, with this label being no different. With three creative minds behind this exclusive label, Harlequinn LRA is designed to make a statement, seize attention and push boundaries.

Like many upcoming fashion designers, these women are becoming knees deep in success with Interviews from Nang, Live and Flavour magazines. Hitting the runways by showcasing their collection at two high profile university fashion events Miss generation 2009 and ACS Kings and Queens 2010. Look out for them at Rip the Runway UK later in the year. House of Maffia is excited to showcase Harlequinn LRA collections.

By Michaela Anderson


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Viking Wong’s Work in Progress

A recent graduate of London College of Fashion, the eccentrically named Viking Wong has already made his mark in the jet-paced fashion industry as a promising new talent. Boasting a sexy and tailored A/W 2010 collection, Wong also offers an exclusive bespoke service for custom made pieces from his ready-to-wear line.

The Viking Wong silhouette is sleek and well structured, with just a touch of modernist drama. Featuring androgynous shaping and a block monochromatic colour scheme for his designs, his style aims to challenge “the confines of androgyny with a new elegance”. Wong’s diverse background combines with his Eastern upbringing to produce pieces specifically inspired by traditional tailored attire and historical influences. In producing his final product, Wong creates a cacophony of cultural dynamics focussed into the simplicity of a clean cut multi-piece ensemble.

His new line, cleverly showing the theme of “A Work in Progress”, exhibited earlier this year with Vauxhall Fashion Scout. The bold tailoring of each design helps to emphasise the collection’s strong professional undertones; Viking Wong is perhaps particularly appealing to the young career woman. With a varied selection of both work and party orientated looks, his ready-to-wear line is certainly a well suited treat for the smartly dressed adventure seeker. Casual yet flawlessly elegant without effort, each carefully crafted piece is an art in itself.

A worthy potential for the designer hall of fame, Viking Wong has already, at the age of 23, achieved what most new and emerging designers find particularly daunting – recognition from the scrutinising eyes of the fashion know-all.

By Lily Niu

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