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SS11 Trend: Orange

This season, indulge your fun side with a splash of bright block orange. Never having previously been a fan of the colour (carrots, marigolds, and orange jumpsuits – can I really be blamed?), but with some of our favourite designers using it in their collections, it was only a matter of time before I began to view orange in whole new light.

For inspiration on how to wear orange accordingly, check out the following designer looks for this season:




(Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to colour clash).

By Lily Niu


Images: Style.com

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Samantha Cole: A New Dawn

Samantha Cole: A New Dawn

When one thinks of Samantha Cole, immediately springing to mind are thoughts synonymous with all things dark, flamboyant, and tantalisingly intriguing. Definitely a designer whose inspirations lie somewhere other than the pink and pretty, Cole’s creations are a fantastical tribute to alternative fashion with a distinct feminine edge. Fashion for the guilt-free go-getter, a Samantha Cole design is the focal piece of any self-deserving outfit.

Before starting her own line, Cole worked as a designer for Burberry. Having secured her reputation as Best Womenswear Designer for her S/S 2009 collection at New York Fashion Week, Cole has since been labelled as “one to watch” following her UK debut.

Iconic in its own right, Cole’s most recent A/W collection – Identity III: A New Dawn – is certainly a new yet befitting change from her previous work. Moving away from high collared Goth (A Journey of Self Discovery) and fiercely bold slim-waist dresses (Warrior), Cole’s designs have evolved to “[embrace] almost a cleansing effect”.

Drawing inspiration from architectural styling of the past and present, A New Dawn is symbolic of the emergence from old to new. Quirky and unique, each garment has a definitive structure; Cole’s use of a Smocking Technique creates the interestingly textured shapes as seen within the fabric of her designs.

Considering her style to exemplify British fashion, Cole’s most admirable quality as a designer is her dedication to creating pieces that express her own thoughts and agenda.

By Lily Niu

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Basso and Brooke: Spring/Summer 2011

One of the most eagerly awaited shows of the season, designer duo Basso and Brooke have once again captured the minds and hearts of their adoring fashionista fans with yet another beautifully dynamic S/S line.

The focal point of this collection, it appears, is an artful blend of contrasting yet exhilaratingly well-put together prints; pastel florals (springtime soon, how lovely!) next to bold black and white block colours make for an intriguing look into an anticipatory summer filled with garden parties and romantic candlelit dinners (the scene: an alfresco dine-out with scented lavender and sweet natured fireflies).

The most interesting (and soon-to-be well sought after) item of the season is undoubtedly Basso and Brooke’s contribution to warm weather outerwear; practical, lightweight and of course, aesthetically pleasing to the ardent eye of the ever-scrutinising stylista, these print blazer jackets are a strong finishing touch to a discreet summer ensemble.

In addition to its sharp yet feminine prints, A-line hems provide an extra delightful girlish touch to an otherwise formal and grown-up collective. For an outfit with a sexier edge, the Basso and Brooke team bring us a low cut silken jumpsuit.

High waisted saloon trousers with a slightly masculine edge worn with heels are also decadent occasion worthy choice (fashionable work wear perhaps? Watch out for jealous colleagues!).

By Lily Niu

Images courtesy of londonfashionweek.co.uk

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Black and White Winter – Jacob Kimmie

Having already showcased their creations for the AW10/11 season, designers have given fashionistas everywhere a chance to delight in the inevitable oncoming of shorter days and [much] cooler nights.

An exceptional example of the latest fall and winter wear, Birmingham based designer Jacob Kimmie is one of several promising talents to have shown his ready-to-wear collection with Vauxhall Fashion Scout – a dream come true for new and emerging designers. Featuring a beautifully sculpted collection of black and white statement pieces, his line captures the essence of the 21st century woman. Not just bold, but strong and unapologetically steadfast on her journey to success. Whilst some pieces envisage a little more than meets the eye, Jacob Kimmie is still definitely easy to appreciate.

Having dressed the likes of Skins star Kaya Scodelario and BBC Material Girl’s leading lady Lenora Crichlow (some of Jacob’s designs can be seen in the show!), the Jacob Kimmie label embodies a fashion forward modern identity, as opposed to re-creating carbon copies of the tried and tested.

With all this in mind, Jacob Kimmie is, indeed, one to watch. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for his pieces in the up-and-coming ad campaign for Absolut Vodka!

Black & White Winter - Jacob Kimmie

By Lily Niu

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Viking Wong’s Work in Progress

A recent graduate of London College of Fashion, the eccentrically named Viking Wong has already made his mark in the jet-paced fashion industry as a promising new talent. Boasting a sexy and tailored A/W 2010 collection, Wong also offers an exclusive bespoke service for custom made pieces from his ready-to-wear line.

The Viking Wong silhouette is sleek and well structured, with just a touch of modernist drama. Featuring androgynous shaping and a block monochromatic colour scheme for his designs, his style aims to challenge “the confines of androgyny with a new elegance”. Wong’s diverse background combines with his Eastern upbringing to produce pieces specifically inspired by traditional tailored attire and historical influences. In producing his final product, Wong creates a cacophony of cultural dynamics focussed into the simplicity of a clean cut multi-piece ensemble.

His new line, cleverly showing the theme of “A Work in Progress”, exhibited earlier this year with Vauxhall Fashion Scout. The bold tailoring of each design helps to emphasise the collection’s strong professional undertones; Viking Wong is perhaps particularly appealing to the young career woman. With a varied selection of both work and party orientated looks, his ready-to-wear line is certainly a well suited treat for the smartly dressed adventure seeker. Casual yet flawlessly elegant without effort, each carefully crafted piece is an art in itself.

A worthy potential for the designer hall of fame, Viking Wong has already, at the age of 23, achieved what most new and emerging designers find particularly daunting – recognition from the scrutinising eyes of the fashion know-all.

By Lily Niu

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