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Everybody is a jewel – Jewel Clothing

Everybody is a jewel Established in 2007, Jewel Clothing represents a new fresh and innovative brand within the UK fashions industry. Well known for unusual shapes, colours and patterns both designers have proved that they are not ‘afraid to experiment with combinations of style.’

Desperately wanting to pursue their fashion dreams, both Lyande Kaikai and Julia Omoarukhe took that exciting risk in the fast paced industry by successfully providing this collection. With their incongruous colours and stylish cuts, the tailored garments leave the broad room in vivid splendour.

In this collection they have both managed to uniquely create ‘beautifully handmade, one-off garments’ leaving clients confident and sexy. After seasons of dramatic colours, this new approach of using outrageous colours is the boldest statement yet. As they present their latest creation, jewel clothing has also productively made a rapid recognition within the fashion globe. Exhibiting their garments at the world’s largest fashion show event at Excel was not only an achievement but they had recent show-stopping debut for one of their signature dresses at Buckingham Palace, for an audience with the Queen.

Both coming from diverse backgrounds both talented girls have demonstrated a kind heart by donating 4 exclusive dresses to Mary Portas’s Charity shop at Westfield’s. Within this short space of time Jewel clothing has portrayed an incredible growth and cunningly used their creative minds to polish pieces. Lyande and Julia’s ‘passion for fashion has transformed itself into a brand that is one to watch.’

By Esther Akinwale

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Vogue Fashion’s Night Out – At Reiss

Vogue Fashion’s night out was a special event for everyone to attend to come and preview the forthcoming AW/10 collections. Customers were treated to a unique shopping experience where they could shop peacefully, talk about latest trends whilst being treated to refreshments and free goodies. For one night only Reiss were delighted to be participating in one of the biggest fashion events on the planet.

Joining Reiss Barratt St and Vogue.com for an exclusive night of fashion giving every customer an opportunity to have 10% off the entire collection wasn’t the only thing that made my heart skip a beat. The entire team offered great customer service showing me the best autumn/winter pieces.

In addition there was a live in store DJ, free makeover (make up, hair and nails), ‘VOGUE’ look at the Reiss ‘o’ Rama photo booth, free cocktails/drinks and the opportunity to give back by purchasing an event tote bag (donations supporting Kids Company). My typical Wednesday evening had transformed into a glamorous sexy night.

Nothing comes between women and fashion! Leather or dress: Scarf or clutch, whatever it is we’re fast approaching winter the party season is right around the corner.  This was a night fashionistas would never forget and I pray Vogue brings more opportunities like this.

By Esther Akinwale

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To Thread Or Not To Thread?

As models grace the catwalk with thick bold eyebrows making a daring statement that not only thin eyebrows are beautiful, it has come to my attention that are thick eyebrows now taking over?

Model Scarlett Johansson has taken the creepy approach in the new mango ad…Julia Nobis has also followed the trend for a Valentiono Runway show.

Do women really look good with natural eyebrows?

To be honest I hate seeing females with thin pencil one but I really can’t stand when I see girls with overgrowing ones. The “Natural” look is a winner this season and this Mezi SS 2010 lookbook brings bushy eyebrows to a fashionable light.

By Esther Akinwale

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